Shifting the Focus | Off-Season Conditioning

To those who know me, its no secret that enjoy a decent amount of time at the gym. I love to throw around some iron and a couple fists, ride a little too far and run probably more than a normal human actually should. For this reason, I will be taking the off-season of hockey from a different angle – off ice training.

I have long been enthralled with the endurance, physical strength, and post-injury recovery of hockey players and have wanted a deeper understanding of what it means to maintain condition during the off-season. From personal experience, post-injury recovering is not easy even without professional expectations. Athletes, hockey players more specifically, have almost immeasurable demands for their condition upon returning to the game. I will strive to witness and experience this first hand. We as fans are too quick to critique a player’s abilities or lack thereof without having any frame of reference.

Starting this week, I will embark on a journey (albeit painful) to understand the level of devotion and pain it takes to reach the level of athleticism required to be a pro. I am by no means going to akin myself to their ability however, I will understand better and hopefully bring that knowledge to the critical masses. With better understanding comes a better appreciation for the game.



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