Quest for the Calder | Fan Edition

Quest for the Calder – A Friendly Reminder to the Fans

I starred blankly at the TV screen from my perch on the couch at the downtown Grand Rapids Peppino’s. There’s no way the team I just watched get destroyed by Syracuse was the same one I saw the night before. Crestfallen and dismayed, I left Peppino’s with my rally towel now feeling like an anvil in my hand.

The feelings that linger even now are shared by many, but none more so than the team itself. The Grand Rapids Griffins’ shocking loss to Syracuse Saturday night has unfortunately overshadowed their beautiful performance Friday night.

What happened is no longer relevant as we march forward in the quest for the Calder Cup. Maintaining uncanny composure, Coach Nelson has responded to the prying media and disheartened fan base that games like this happen and the best thing a team can do is learn and move on. At first glance, such a reminder may seem like a carbon-copy excuse for poor performance however, sometimes the most simple solution is the best solution.

All of this is to say, that yes, its disappointing to have such a loss following our boys back to Grand Rapids but, we as fans have a duty to forget and recover just as much as we expect our players to. Let us not forget that Syracuse comes to our house next and we are not going relinquish our home-victory streak as they did. The cup belongs in Hockeytown West – lets be fans worth of it.


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