Quest for the Calder | Pre-Game Thoughts

Grand Rapids, like many fine cities around our nation, was built on raw determination and an undefeated spirit. Our people are not accustomed to failure, and the failure we have tasted, does not last long. The drama surrounding this year’s Calder Cup Finals only serves to heighten that determination.

Fueled by  the Griffins’ successful home ice record of 7-0, Grand Rapids fans have come in droves to the Van Andel to show their support – donning everything from retro jerseys to facepaint. Heading into the final round of these playoffs, expectations are high and tensions are higher. Riding a wave of success of their own, Syracuse boasts an 11-5 postseason record and shows no signs of slowing down. Wanting retribution for their 2013 fall to the Grand Rapids Griffins, I fully expect Syracuse to draw first blood.

This could prove to be the series that tests the limits of fandom, faith and emotion. Both teams have overcome immense obstacles to make it to the finals – the fans with them every step of the way. Here in Grand Rapids, we win. Its in our blood. It would be foolish to think that it will be an easy win – but a win it will be.


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