Going Fishing | GR vs SJ Game 3

The fans at Wednesday’s game 3 against the San Jose Barracuda were wrestling with a strange new sensation – one they’ve rarely felt and have long since suppressed the memory of; failure. The first two periods were heavily dominated by San Jose who came off the bench with sticks blazing. They were seemingly everywhere and gave our boys hardly a moment to breathe! This uneasy feeling swept the crowd and you could almost here the thoughts of the fans surrounding you, “What if we lose?” The answer to that is quite simple, you leave brokenhearted, tail between your legs and hope Friday’s game is different. I am pleased to say that awful sensation was crushed in the third period. The Griffins rallied to shut down the Barracuda once and for all in this game three.

For those who didn’t see fit to show support by attending Wednesday night’s game (you know who you are), here’s what you missed and for all others, enjoy reliving the moments!

Peeve of the Game:

I like starting with this one because its therapeutic to get it off my chest. Two words – sloppy turnovers. I will be cruel for a moment here and say that tonight was the first time I’d seen such a messy display of passing and neutral zone turnovers all season long. I dare say, based on the first two periods, San Jose out skated us. Lets not do that again.

Play of the Game:

Cally is at it again! Number 15 didn’t get a hat trick this time, but his beautiful little chip shot  with 3:40 remaining in the third period from the side of the net was a beauty. Sprawled on his back, San Jose’s goaltender Troy Grosenick (who commendably faced 42 shots) was busy fending off a brood of players piling around him and sticks poking at his side. He failed to notice Callahan sweeping in behind the net. Catching a small rebound, Callahan popped the shot right in. I felt slightly bad for Grosenick – but not for too long.

Player of the Game:

We call him Captain. Paetsch, though typically a man of the shadows, leading behind the scenes and allowing the young-guns to hone their skills, played a very solid game of hockey. Adding another notch to his belt with a goal at 13:47 in the first period to tie it at one each. Shockingly, he even did time in the sin bin! Paetsch’s leadership has been imperative to this team’s growth and is apparent whenever he takes the ice.

I was not enamored with the game as a whole, but the Griffins made up for it in the third period. Walking away from the Van on Wednesday, I concluded that I still think it’ll be a 4-3 series win for the Griffs, but its going to be a long road. The Barracuda are the fish out of water here – lets keep it that way.


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