Cracking the Code | Jared Coreau

Jenae - Guest Writer

Guest Writer: Jenae

There is only one position in hockey other than the referees that gets more flak from fans than any other position. There is only one position other than the referees that fans blame more and become “experts” on in the 60+ minutes of hockey. Goal-tending is a sore subject for Red Wings fans, me included. The goalie is easy to blame and jeer. It seems their names always fit the piercing chants of the crowd just right, isn’t that so? I’ll admit I let my fair share of “GET BACK IN YOUR NET!” comments slide because we know better, right? I remember watching the 08’ Stanley Cup Playoffs when Mike Babcock replaced goaltender Dominik Hasek with Chris Osgood in the Western Conference Quarterfinals after the Predators were able to get three goals in between the posts (who else wants them to take the Cup this year?) Osgood ended up finishing the series and taking us to face our nemesis the Colorado Avalanche. Needless to say that moment left my stomach in my throat. Everyone knows that when a goalie is pulled the coach and the team need the ice back under their skates.

This time around I am not the goalie jeerer and I believe that credit should be given where it is due. Jared Coreau has been starting with the Grand Rapids Griffin’s since the first game of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Admirals. Measuring a staggering 6’ 6” and weighing in at 220lbs, Coreau has proven he can stand the pressure between the pipes. The four year American Hockey League professional maintains a 0.935 save percentage and has even done time with our affiliate the Detroit Red Wings. Having a goalie you can depend on a must if a hockey team is going to advance any playoff round (not to mention it makes the fans a bit easier too). Being a self-proclaimed goalie snob myself, Coreau deserves to be looked at for more than to marvel his sheer giant stature.

The Grand Rapids Griffins have the chance to win the Calder Cup. It’s a mathematical formula that when you combine Coach Todd Nelson with weathered players such as Tyler Bertuzzi (39), Mitch Callahan (15), Tomas Nosek (19), Captain Nathan Paetsch (4), Robbie Russo (5), etc. and put Jared Coreau in net the result is a win on May 20, 2017 for Grand Rapids in game one of round three. The San Jose Barracuda will come out guns blazing considering this is their first Conference Finals in franchise history. Both of our teams have made it this far – which means both teams are very talented. This next series will be a strenuous test of skill and energy with the commute, but with solid goaltending for our Griffins we can rest at ease that they will play their hearts out. Bring back the Cup!


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