Playoffs are Upon Us

The battle for the Calder will officially commence for the Grand Rapids Griffins tomorrow (Friday), and I couldn’t be more elated! Coming off of a 5-1 victory earlier this week against the Admirals, the Griffins will meet the their familiar foe on the ice for the first round of the playoffs. Let the blood, sweat and tears commence!

Many have said that this season’s team is a marked reflection of the title-bearing team from ’13. A handful of veterans remain, Callahan, Paetsch and Lashoff, to once more relive Calder glory. Barrelling into the post-season with 100 points, it would seem that the Griffins haven’t missed a beat despite many of their players being jostled around between their NHL affiliates the Detroit Red Wings, and home. The Admirals are a force to be reckoned with and will not be easily passed over. Finishing out their season with 93 points, the Admirals have proven numerous times, that they are Calder material.

Now that we are here, on the eve of the playoffs, I am anxiously anticipating what will unfold over the next few weeks. I am an unapologetic Griffins fan, however, I do not think the glory of the Calder will be easily won. I believe they will take the first round, but not by the landslide my fellow fans seem to think. In fact, I’d be disappointed if the Admirals didn’t present a challenge!

Playoff moments make history. The guts and glory are a wonderful byproduct of the determination, sacrifice and skill it takes to make it all the way through. I will be following every moment from the stands or from my local coffee shop live-streaming. Follow along with me, as we witness history one more time.


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