Michael McNiven|Prospect Review

Hailing from Georgetown, Ontario, Michael McNiven has certainly made an impression on the far-reaching arms of the NHL. Making his mark and serving his time in the OHL, McNiven has consistently improved and has shown himself to be more than capable of meeting the demands of the rigorous NHL style of play. With youth and vigor on his side, the 19-year old goaltender has made his way into the heart of the Montreal Canadiens.

McNiven joined the Owen Sound Attack for the 13-14. After a stint in the OJHL with the Georgetown Raiders and tallying 35 games played, he rejoined the Owen Sound with fervor rekindled and a point to prove. His 14-15 season concluded with 24 games played and a 2.79 goals against average. Building on his natural ability, the young goaltender has succeeded in making his presence known. Currently averaging 2.16 goals against (.92% SVS) and tallying his 10th career shut-out, now holding the franchise record, it makes one wonder if there’s anything this young man can’t do.

Slated to be wrapping up his OHL career after the 17-18 season, this vivacious Canadian has plenty of time to make a lasting impression on the Owen Sound Attack. With his vision on the ice, excellent puck direction and play, he’s shown himself a worthy choice and will no doubt grown to be an indispensable asset when in Montreal.


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